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Digital platform is a benefit for the entire company

Iveco Danmark A/S is part of a worldwide group and markets and sells vans and trucks in Denmark. A digital platform collects information which can be used by all the company’s departments – and this strengthens both internal collaboration and the company’s competitiveness.

Facts about Iveco Danmark A/S:
  • Iveco Denmark is part of the worldwide group Iveco Group, which develops, produces and sells vans and trucks worldwide
  • In Denmark, there are 24 certified dealers and 30 authorized service shops across the country
  • In addition to production and sales, Iveco also offers a range of services in the form of service and repair agreements
  • The OQS system is used by Iveco throughout the Nordic countries, but the head office in Turin is also aware of it and sees its benefits. The system has approx. 150 daily users

A van or truck is a very tangible product that is easy to deal with, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to manufacture and sell. On the contrary: Many different people and departments are involved when a car is ordered, produced and sold to the customer.

Together with IPA innovation, the Danish branch of Iveco has developed a system that can handle the complexity of manufacturing and selling the cars. The system is used by Iveco in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, but has caused a stir throughout the group because of the great efficiency it has brought. Everyone, from suppliers to salespeople, believes it is of exceptional help to them in their work.

Bent Brandt Andersen, Logistics and Sales Supporter Manager Nordics & Baltics, says:

“We have a management tool that makes it easy to follow the car from start to finish and to see when it has been sold and when it needs to be repaired. It’s a really good system that everyone has welcomed.”

Niels Jørgensen, Bus Logistic & Sales Support Manager, adds:

“The suppliers say that the way we deliver information to them is unique. They get everything they need in a simple way. We make a construction plan for them, so they know what to build, when the car will arrive and what price has been agreed. Everyone in the entire chain knows what to expect.”

IPA innovation - digitalisering og forretningsudvikling
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From pencil and paper to OQS

Iveco’s system is called the Order Quotation System – OQS. It has been developed in collaboration with Morten from IPA innovation over 20 years as technological development has made it possible to digitize more and more.

So from having worked with pencil and paper at the beginning of the 00s, Iveco now has a digital platform where all workflows are brought together digitally.

In practice, this means that when sellers and dealers have sold a car, they enter the order in OQS and thus the production of the car is started. They can immediately order components and thus build the car the way the customer wants it with crane, interior trim, etc.

Bent Brandt Andersen says:

“It saves the sales department many hours of work that the salespeople have all the information in the system and only have to press a button to order the car the customer wants. It is quite unique that you don’t have to call suppliers to find out when they can deliver for example a crane.”

A quantum leap for Iveco

However, it is not just the sales department, but several departments, such as product, marketing, finance and aftermarket, which benefit from OQS.

For example, it is a big advantage for the marketing department that the GDPR legislation is integrated into the system. In this way, the employees are sure that they comply with the rules for who they are allowed to approach, and they optimize their opportunity to generate leads and retain previous buyers as customers. And in the finance department, the controllers can see how many orders have not yet been invoiced, which gives a good overview of what Iveco can expect in terms of earnings.

As part of an international group, Iveco Denmark must also deliver daily reports to the head office in Turin based on various parameters and areas. OQS has also made it much easier, because the system contains all the information that is necessary in this connection. Niels Jørgensen says about this:

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“Our everyday life has become much easier in the last 10-15 years, and the system has been a big quantum leap in relation to reporting. We have developed it so that we can quickly and easily extract the data we need.”

Great development potential and no limitations

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In addition to OQS being a digital platform that all departments can use internally for their own purposes, it is also an approval system that cuts across the organization. This means that an order is not initiated until it has been approved by everyone involved, so that any errors are corrected before delivery to the customer.

For example, a salesperson cannot give an extraordinary discount without a sales manager having approved it, and it is also not possible to make a mistake in the construction by, for example, putting a large crane on a small car. It will be rejected in the system.

OQS thus saves both time and makes the employees’ tasks easier and ensures a smooth process from start to finish with good quality in the output and good service for customers as a result. But even though OQS has already led to major efficiencies for Iveco, this does not mean that the collaboration with IPA innovation is over. Being digital requires you to constantly adapt to changing conditions and opportunities, Bent Brandt Andersen says:

“Right now we are well covered and we have a good platform. But we always have ideas, and as far as I can see, there are no limitations, because IPA innovation understands our business and is a  great partner in relation to exploiting the digital opportunities.”

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