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7 steps from idea to solution

This is how we structure the creativity safely through agile innovation

Great value can be created through innovation, but the way to do so is often tricky and financially uncertain.

Innovation cannot be put on a definitive formula and requires creativity and agility that must not suffocate in structure and bureaucracy.

We use a 7-step development method that has been developed based on successful implementations across markets, technologies and borders.

The method tries to balance the need to achieve ambitious and creative goals within realistic economic frameworks in a way where stakeholders have the necessary transparency along the way.

Across the 7 steps we work with frequent review sessions based on prototypes, facilitation of the creative processes and project management.

1. Sparring

Clarification of goals, status and cooperation

  • Dialogue on potentials, goals
  • Clarification of status and challenges
  • Competence mapping and framework for cooperation

2. Discovery

Mapping of existing systems, potentials and innovation-path

  • Mapping of business processes
  • Mapping of IT-landscape
  • Idea generation and identifying optimazation potentials
  • Clarification of innovation-path and strategic goals
  • Summary in discovery brief, market analysis and business case

3. Design

IT architecture, hardware design and reviews

  • Data flow and integrations
  • IT application, add-ons and optimization of existing components
  • Hardware design
  • Stakeholder reviews
  • Summary in design brief

4. Design

Agile IT and hardware development including validation and production preparation

  • Custom software development, configuration of standard components, integrations
  • Hardware development
  • Production and sourcing optimization
  • Testing and quality management

5. Implement

Release management, production assembling and hardware installation

  • Configuration and release management
  • IT development
  • In house product assembling
  • Hardware installation

6. Service & support

Support and maintenance of hardware and software

  • Support via portal, chat, e-mail and phone
  • Hardware support and preventive maintenance
  • Minor changes and development

7. Scaling

Solution maturation and implementing growth strategies

  • Evolution plans and growth strategies  
  • Process automation and solution maturation  
  • Documentation and sourcing approach